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Burdwan District Tourism

Bardhaman District Tourist destinations along with there locations, connectivity are as follows.

Religious and Culture

Pirbaharam Sikka
Tomb of Sher Afgan, subject of Akbar the Great & Kutubuddin, Subedar of Bengal. (Burdwan Municipality)

Khwaja Anwar Bcrh
Tomb of Khwaja Anwar, the famous Mughal Warrior. (Burdwan Municipality)

Kamalakanta Kalibari
The temple Goddess Kali, associated with the famous devotee poet Kamalakanta. (Burdwan Municipality)

Shah Alam’s Dargah
A building of Archeological interest built in the early 18th century by Murshidkuli Khan, the then Subedar of Bengal. (Katwa Municipality)

The Idol of Lord Siva in the temple is of definite archeological interest, and believed to be of the Pal Age.(Mangalkote Block)

Siddheswari Temple
Temple of presiding Goddess Siddheswari Ambika, surrounded by Siva Temple. Famous for Terracotta works.(Kalna Municipality)

Baikunthanath Siva Temple
Built by Brajakishori , mother of Kirtichand , notable for its Teracottaworks. (Kana Municipality)

Shya, Arupa Temple
This terracotta temple houses 10 armed idol of Shyamarupa made of Marbel stone, and was built more than 1000 years ago. (Kanksa Block)

Temple of Ichai Ghosh
This huge temple of burnt bricks towers to 200 feet in height and is distinct by its architecture and engravings. (Kanksa Bolck)

Rarhcswar Temple
This Siva temple has an unique architectural feature and was reportedly built to protect the village from the attack of Bhaskar Pandit who was an worshipper of Siva. (Kanksa Block)

Radheshyam Temple
The Burnt- brick temple built in the Bankura-Bishnupur style attracts tourist by its unique structure & terracotta works. (Asansol MC)

Bishnu Temple
This 35 feet high stone temple , the only of its kind in the area, believed to built during the Pal Age, houses an idol of Lord Narayana.(Asansol MC)


Sarbamangala Temple
Temple of the deity Sarbamangala presiding Goddess of the Burdwan Raj. Believed to have been found from the Sandbed of river Damodar.
(Burdwan Municipality)

Lima Masjid
Constructed by Ajim-us-San, Grand Son of Aurangzeb, who was appointed as Subedar of Bengal, in the last part of the 17th Century.
(Burdwan Municipality)

Bardhamanchwar Siva Temple
A Siva Temple where huge body of Siva Idol has been housed. There is saying that Chand Sadagar Worshipped this Siva Idol. (Burdwan

108 SIva Mandir
A complex comprising of 108 deities of Lord Siva housed in 108 temples in picturesque surroundings , a beautiful garden and a lake ,
constructed by Maharani Bishnu Kumari. (Burdwan – I Block)

Tomb of Bahman Pir
Tomb of Syed Md. Bahaman a contemporary of Syed Allauddin Hossain Shah. The adjacent Dorga is very popular to all communities.
(Ausgram-II Block)

The temple of Goddess Chandi in the village attracts many tourists . it is locally believed that it is one of the 51 SatiPiths.
(Memari- I Block)

Sree Gouranga Mandir
A Baishnab Temple believed to have been visited by Sri Chaitanya and Keshab Bharati.(Katwa Municipality)

The Ashrama is believed to have been visited by Jagai & Madhai, the two disciples of Sree Chaitanya, and the Akhanda Kirtana there is
reportedly continuing for more than 50 years. (Katwa Municipality)

A center of Baishnab Culture famous for congregation of Bauls every Baisakh. A temple of Khandeswari the presiding Goddess of
the village also exists.
(Katwa Municipality)

Associated with Gouranga Mahaprabhu and famous for its Gopinath temple. (Katwa Municipality)

Srinibas, believed to be the 2nd incarnation of Chaitanya is stated to have lived here. The relics of his Sadhanpith can still
be seen. This temple houses several wooden and stone idols. (Katwa Municipality)

A big banyan tree on the Dainhat Krishnanagar Road worshipped for centuries by people from far and near. (Katwa -II Block)

Gnandas Kandar
Gnandas the noted Baishnab poet was born in Kandra. His place of worship in the village still attracts large number of devotees from all over the country. (Ketugram-I Block)

109 Siva Temple
Just opposite the Raj Bari is the 109 Siva temple built by Tej Chandra Bahadur in 1809. There are 74 temples in the outer circle and 34 in the inner. One another temple is outside the circles .(Kalna Municipality

Srikhanda Temple
A beautiful temple was built by Lakshmi Kumari, Mother of Tilakchand in 1752. (Kalna Municipality)

Kashinath Siva Temple
Built bu Tulsidevi, companion of the consort of Tilakchand. (Kalna Municipality)

A noted Baishnab Centre. There are idols of Radha, Krishna , Kanai and Balai, and lord Siva. Also famous for a fair. (Kalna -I Block)

Rakhalraj is the most worshipped deity here. The wooden idol of Radhakanta is housed in a beautiful temple. (Kalna -II Block)

Tarakshya Temple
A 700 year old temple of Goddess Tarakshya, where the idol of the Kamale-Kamini style evokes curiosity. (Kalna Monteswar)

Pandabnath Temple
The Pandavas are believed to have spent a few days here and the five brothers and mother Kunti established one Siva temple each here. (Andal Block)

Kalyaneshwari Temple
The temple of Goddess Kalyaneshwari believed to fulfill the wishes of infertile women, is more than 500 years old. The idol is carved on a piece of stone. (Kulti Municipality)

Ghagar Buri Temple
Ghagar Buri Chandi or Ma Ghagurburi Temple is located close to the National Highway 2; it is at a distance of 3 KMs from the heart of the city

Sight Seeing

Krishnasagar Ecological Park
A beautiful lake & park adjacent to Burdwan University with an aquarium, boating facilities and other attreations.
(Burdwan Municipality

A big and beautiful lake excavated by queen Brajakishori in the heart of the Town. (Burdwan Municipality)

Carzon Gate
A historical Monument constructed by Maharaja Bijoychand of Burdwan to welcome Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of Bengal at the entrance of Burdwan Town Now Known as Bijoy Toran. (Burdwan Municipality)

Macghnad Saha Planctarium
A Planetarium of International Slandard , one of the best in Asia near the University Complex, Golapbag.
(Burdwan Municipality)

Burdwan Science Centre
A Science Museum of Excellence standard near the Burdwan University Complex , Golapbag. (Burdwan Municipality)

The village resembles a fort and it is believed that the famous Naihati Fort was situated here. Noted for its 500 year old fair.(Ketugram -II Block)

At the confluence of rivers Ajoy and Kunur, Ujani, believed to be the Capital of Vikramaditya is today’s Kogram. The Dhanapati Saudagar of Chandimangal fame also used to stay here. A temple of Goddess Chandi can also be seen here. Believed to be one of the Satipiths (Mangalkote Block)

Kalna Raj Bari
A palace of the Mahara of Burdwan still attracts a large number of visitors by its grandeur. The Lalji Mandir , Pratapeswar Deul and Krishnachandraji Temples inside the complex attract tourists. (Kalna Municipality)

A cluster of reverine isles and oxbow spread across 20 Sq KMs on the meandering course of river Ganga. Nearly 73 species of migratory birds arrive in winter and stay upto month march.

Deer Park
The Durgapur Deer Park can be a real attraction to wild life lovers. (Durgapur MC)

Nachan Bird Snctuary
The Durgapur Deer Park can be a real attraction to wild life lovers. (Durgapur MC)

Maithon Dam
The Maithon Dam and its adjacent reservoir and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal resort. (Salanpur Block)

The birth place of Nazrul Islam maintained by Nazrul Academy. There is an Youth Hostel here. The village is famous for stone carving. (Jamuria)


The palace of the Maharaja of Burdwan ,presently used by the University. (Burdwan Municipality)

Believed to be the Head Quarters of Sasanka, the king of Gour, formerly known as Karna-Suvarna, here lies the Kankaleswari The deity resembles a human Skeliton. (Burdwan Municipality)

The beautifully constructed temple resembles the Orissa pattern of “ Rekh” temples and is believed to be constructed in the 10th century. (Memari – I Block)

The native village of Kasiram Das the noted Bengali translator of the Mahabharata. (Katwa-II Block)

Sher Afgan Garh
The remains of the fort of Sher Afgan and a huge lake can be seen here. (Andal Block)

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