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Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Doctors in Durgapur

NameAddressContact No
Dr. A.K.BhattacharjeeDurgapur0343-2574087
Dr. Alok SanyalDurgapur0343-2573678
Dr. Anil BhattacharjeeDurgapur0343-2557747
Dr. Arati SenDurgapur3095743
Dr. B.B.GuptaDurgapur0343-2574067/ 2583340
Dr. B.K. DuttaDurgapur0343-2574087
Dr. Bidyut Kr.BhattacharjeeDurgapur0343-2574087
Dr. D.N. BannerjeeDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988/ 2602680/ 2573678
Dr. M.K.NagDurgapur933990436
Dr. Pradip kr. ChakrobortyDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988
Dr. Priti GhoshDurgapur0343-2573678/ 556018
Dr. S.MukherjeeDurgapur0343-2556018
Dr. Santwana BanerjeeDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988/ 2602680
Dr. P.N.DeshmukhDurgapur0343-2602680
Dr. P.ChatterjeeDurgapur0343-2582464
Dr. R.K. AcharyaDurgapur9232397817
Dr. Sabuj SenguptaDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988/ 2572217/ 5560181
Dr. Sibani MukherjeeDurgapur0343-2583857/ 2501885/25774067
Dr. Silpita BanerjeeDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988
Dr. Subendu DasguptaDurgapur0343-5560181
Dr. S.R.ChatterjeeDurgapur0343-2584568
Dr. Sumana DeyDurgapur0343-2561959
Dr. Suparna MondalDurgapur0343-2535467
Dr. Sudip SamantaBaranilpur more, Near Zila Sainik Bhavan, Burdwan, P.O- Sripally, Burdwan9434376153
Dr. Tamonesh SahaDurgapur0343-2567350/ 9434200988/ 2573678/ 5560181

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