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List of all Police Stations in Bardhaman District

Police StationsTelephone No.
Andal Police Station0341-2373378
Ausgram Police Station03452-254213
Asansol (North) Police Station0341-2202549
Asansol (South) Police Station0341-2202225
Asansol Police Control Police Station0341-2203287
Asansol Police Office Police Station0341-2202640
Asansol GRP Police Station0341-2202574
Warai (Police Phanri)0343-2583779
Katwa Police Station03453-255023
Kalna Police Station03454-255040
Kanksa Police Station0343-2524244
Ketugram Police Station03453-272224
Kulti Police Station0341-2515555
Kenda (Police Phanri)0341-2667432
Coke Oven Police Station0343-2555060
Keshabganj (Police Phanri)0342-2556601
Kalyanpur (Police Phanri)0341-2253323
Khandoghosh Police Station03451-262260
Galsi Police Station0342-2450238
Guskara (Police Phanri)03452-255135
Chaittaranjan Police Station0341-2525368
Jamalpur Police Station03451-288225
Jamuria Police Station0341-2455440
Jhingri Moholla Police Station0341-2202746
Talpukur (Police Phanri)0341-2202287
Durgapur Police Station0343-2564081
Durgapur Newtown Police Station0343-2556993
Durgapur-Faridpur Police Station0343-2545085
Nutanganj (Police Phanri)0342-2531780
Pandabeswar Police Station0341-2677336
Purbasthali Police Station03454-264500
Burdwan Sadar Police Station0342-2664466 / 0342-2664467
Barabazar (Police Phanri)0342-2668764
Birhata (Police Phanri)0342-2568769
Barabani Police Station0341-2272268
Budbud Police Station0343-2512257
Bhatar Police Station0342-2322223
Monteswar Police Station0342-275523
Mongolkote Police Station03453-266228
Memari Police Station0342-2250232 / 0342-2260600
Muradpur (Police Phanri)0342-2569197
Madhabdihi Police Station03451-251230
Raniganj Police Station0341-2444230
Raina Police Station03451-280230
Rupnarayanpur (Police Phanri)0341-2531260
Loudaha Police Station0341-2670866
Salanpur Police Station0341-2531118
Sripur (Police Phanri)0341-2201440
Hirapur Police Station0341-2231547 / 0341-2230247

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