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Orthopedic Surgeons in Durgapur

Name Address Contact No
Dr. (Prof.) A.R.Jha Durgapur 0343-2584692
Dr. Amal Bhattacharjee Joint replacement Surgeon, Durgapur 0343-2567350/ 9434200988/ 9775378574
Dr. C.R.Mukherjee Durgapur 0343-2501885
Dr. D.D.Neogi Durgapur 0343-2574087
Dr. D.Mukhopadhaya Durgapur 0343-2586059
Dr. D.P. Ghatak Durgapur 0343-2574087
Dr. D.Roy Durgapur 0343-2574087
Dr. Dibakar Roy Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. Durga Das Niyogi Durgapur 0343-2583857
Dr. F.S.Ghosh Durgapur 0343-2560181
Dr. J.B.Mukherjee Durgapur 0343-2574087
Dr. Kallol Bannerjee Durgapur 0343-2561959
Dr. Kalyan Khan Durgapur 0343-2535467
Dr. Manash Gupta Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. Nabaroon Banerjee Durgapur 0343-2574087/ 0343-2553776/ 9475745801
Dr. Naqui Imam Durgapur 0343-2553776/ 9475745801
Dr. P.S.Chandra Durgapur 0343-2547453
Dr. R.G. Banerjee Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. S. Banerjee Durgapur 0343-2573678/ 2547453
Dr. S. Biswas Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. S. Chatterjee Durgapur 0343-2567350/ 2574087
Dr. S.S.Ghosh Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. S. Sarkhel Durgapur 0343-2557747
Dr. S. Sengupta Durgapur 0343-2602680
Dr. Samar Mukherjee Durgapur 0343-2573678
Dr. Samia Thakur Durgapur 0343-2566765
Dr. Subhash Banerjee Durgapur 0343-2602680
Dr. T.S. Ghosh Durgapur 0343-2560181
Dr. Tushar Kanti Acharjee Durgapur 0343-2553776/ 947574580

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