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United Bank of India Durgapur Branch

United Bank Of IndiaRegional ManagerCity Centre, Durgapur -162546863
Regional OfficeCity Centre, Durgapur -162546840/6871
Branch ManagerCity Centre, Durgapur -162546720
Coke OvenDurgapur -22556869
DGPDurgapur -22555915/4396
Main GateDurgapur -32564231
BenachityNachan Road, Durgapur -132574391/3716/ 4369
City CentreCity Centre, Durgapur -162546720
U.T.I.ExtensionCity Centre, Durgapur -162546631
Maya BazarDurgapur –2580957
D.T.P.S.Durgapur -72546365
Amaravati Extension CounterAmaravati,Durgapur -142500570
Extension D.S.P.Durgapur2588736


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