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Computer Institute/Centres in Asansol

Name:- Aarvicom Intitute Of Computer Technology
Address:- Shani mandir, Near Ashram More, Asansol -713301
Contact No:- 0341-6551974, +91-9641815264

Name:- Academy Of Computer Accountants Asansol
Address:- 46, Durga Market, 1st Floor, Old G T Road, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-9332079667

Name:- Aim Computer Center
Address:- Snuri Para Road, Ukhra, Asansol -713363
Contact No:- +91-9333199585

Name:- Alpha Plus Computer Education
Address:- 13, Netaji Subhas Road, Opposite Union Bank Of India, Asansol – 713347
Contact No:- +91-9832171818

Name:- Alpha Plus Computer Eduction
Address:- Station Road, Pandaveshwar, Asansol – 713346
Contact No:- 0341-6455179

Name:- All India Youth Computer Literacy Mission
Address:- Rambandh Near Adarsh Vidyalaya, Burnpur, Asansol -713325
Contact No:- +91-9832720089, +91-9333134492

Name:- Andal Youth Computer Traning Centre
Address:- Andal North Bazar, Andal, Asansol – 713321
Contact No:- +91-9732183660

Name:- Asansol Centrel Youth Computer Traning Centre
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Asansol Bazar, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-9800886626

Name:- Asansol Rgcsm
Address:- Asansol – 713301, West Bengal, India
Contact No:- +91-9476136969

Name:- Asansol Rainbow Computer Centre
Address:- Durba and Purba Apartment, Behind Chitra Petrol Pump, Chitra-Dolly Lodge, Asansol 4
Contact No:- 9091454548

Name:- Bengal Institute Of Industrial Research And Designing
Address:- Kumarpur, Sen Rally Road, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9233689269, 9635533992

Name:- Bidhan Chandra College Computer Centre
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-341-2283363

Name:- Brainware Computer Academy
Address:- Jayanti Enclave, BNR More, Apcar Garden, GT Road, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- 9564066600, 8145454555

Name:- Burnpur Digital Touch
Address:- Subhaspally, Main Road, Burnpur, Asansol
Contact No:- 9333139045

Name:- Burnpur Computer Future Technology
Address:- F 5/8, Hospital Road, Asansol – 713325
Contact No:- 9832131670

Name:- CMC Ltd.
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Beside Zone Three (Water Tank), Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-0341-6554228, +91-9474910092, 9474910091

Name:- Computer Plus
Address:- R N Tagore Road, Ushagram, Near Rabindra Statue, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- +91-9434100649, 9932664706

Name:- Destiny computers
Address:- Hirapur, MCT Pally, Girls School, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- 91-9641296427

Name:- Dream Associates
Address:- Dr R.C Banerjee Lane, Near Jagaran Club, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-9331157486

Name:- Dynamic Computer
Address:- 106, G.T. Road East, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- +91-0341-2229040

Name:- E Bharat
Address:- P 1, Kalyanpur Housing, Ramkrishna Mission, Near H L G Hospital, Asansol – 713305
Contact No:- +91-0341-2250237, +91-9547430490

Name:- Futuretech Computer
Address:- S B Gorain Road, Asansol Bazar, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-9563503207, 9832179736

Name:- George Telegraph Training Institute
Address:- Lahiri Bari, G T Road, Near Laha Lane, Opposite Bazar Kolkata, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-0341-2302897, 2302132, 2221935, 9674087475, 9674165581

Name:- Gourandihi Computer Training Center
Address:- Gourandihi More Road, Near Lalganj, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9733062456

Name:- G T Computer Hardware Engineering College
Address:- 31, 2nd Floor, G T Road, Opposite Satabdi Park, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-0341-6552082, +91-9609501240

Name:- Hill View Computer Academy
Address:- BC College Road, 3rd Lane, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9333152794, 9832238578

Name:- ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd
Address:- Lower Chelidanga, Hill View, Opposite P R Mukherjee Nursing Home, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9233500300

Name:- Indian Institute Of Job Oriented Training
Address:- Lower Challidinga, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-0341-3290678, +91-9434580130

Name:- IIHT
Address:- 31, G T Road, Opposite Satabdi Park, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-0341- 3294758

Name:- Kalpana Infotech
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Asansol Court, Asansol -713304
Contact No:- +91-9547570307

Name:- Kulti Computer Education Centre
Address:- Ranitola Road, Neamatpur, Asansol -713304
Contact No:- +91-9832256628, 9614504298

Name:- Lalani Computer Academy Asansol
Address:- Alliangan Appartment, 1st Floor, Lower Chelidanga, Asansol Bazar, Near P R Mukherjee Nursing Home Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-0341 3206525

Name:- M S Computer
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Asansol Court, Asansol -713304
Contact No:- +91-9153020978

Name:- National Youth Computer Literacy Drive C O
Address:- Burnpur Road, Asansol -713304
Contact No:- +91-0341-6531082, 9564925779

Name:- Neamatpur Youth Computer Traning Centre
Address:- Disargarh Road, Neamatpur, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9563568310

Name:- NIIT Asansol Centre
Address:- Shraddhanjali Apartments, Oppsite Udichi Park, Police Line Burnpur Road, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-0341-2251971, 2252100, +91-8373051993

Name:- Omkar Learning Resource
Address:- 3rd Floor, Macom Plaza, Ushagram, Opposite Durga Mandir, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- +91-9874060004, 9732105753

Name:- PC-Ed Computer Education Center
79, West Apcar Garden, Haji Ali Lane, Near Bhagat Singh Statue, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-9434132804

Name:- Priyomi Info – Management Institutes PVT LTD.
Address:- Dr. R.C. Banerjee Lane, Ghanty Gali, Near Jagran Club, Asansol
Contact No:- +91-0341-3207982, +91-9153095045

Name:- Rajibgandhi Computer Center
Address:- Ananda More Road, Ukhra, Behind Kali Mondir, Asansol – 713363
Contact No:- 9749135511

Name:- Sant sai educational institute
Address:- Budha Palli Skanto Palli, Kaali Pandey School, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 9832192926

Name:- Study Point
Address:- New Kamala Market, Hutton Road, Asansol Bazar, Near Ramdhani More, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-3261634, 9333794056, 9832178758, 8001111173

Name:- Shivam Computer
Address:- Court More, Asansol Court, Burnpur Road, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-8343877515

Name:- Sarada Commercial Institute
Address:- Sneha Apartment, Burnpur Road, Asansol Court, Court More, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-0341-2256480, 91-9332975218, 9932524299, +91-9126885004

Name:- Techno Park
Address:- B P Sharma Complex, Lower Chelidanga, Asansol Court, Opposite Dr P R Mukherjee Nursing Home, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9563704184, 9434472638

Name:- W B Govt Youth Computer Training Centre
Address:- Burnpur More, Near Court Road, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2254175, 3291443

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