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Restaurants in Asansol

Name:- Aahar
Address:- 34 & 36, C/ O Hotel Ambassadar Retreat, G.T Road, Near Godhuli More, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341 2315391, 2316230, 6980016, 9434679222
Speciality:- Multi cuisines

Name:- Anand Restaurant
Address:- 7, G C Mitra Road, Hutton Road, Asansol – 713301, West Bengal, India.
Contact No:- 0341-2300212, 9800492627
Speciality:- Pure Veg

Name:- Asansol Food Plaza
Address:- C/O Parbati International Hotel, Parbati Shopping Arcade, Block B, G.T Road, Near Ashram More
Contact No:- 0341-2220331
Speciality:- Multi cuisines

Name:- Atithi Hindu Hotel
Address:- Hawkers Markets, Girja More, Bus Stand, G T Road, Asansol Bazar, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- +91-8906323037

Name:- Badhura Hotel
Address:- Murga Len, G.T Road, Asansol-713303
Contact No:- +91-7602328797

Name:- Barkha Biryani House
Address:- Barabazar, G T Road, Hutton Road Crossing, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9434315926

Name:- Biryani House
Address:- A D D A Market Building, G. T. Road, Opposite Bus Stand, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2281299

Name:- Bombay Hotel Garam Masala
Address:- G T Road, Opposite Eastern Railway Boys High School, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-3262030, 3260370
Speciality:- Pure Veg, Home Delivery

Name:- Burnpur Club
Address:- Club Road, Burnpur Club, Asansol- 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2241638
Speciality:- Pure Veg

Name:- Cosmic Grill
Address:- Asansol Bazar, Near Radha Lane Petrol Pump, Bazar Kolkata, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2309797, 9332289600
Speciality:- Multi cuisines, Chinese, Indian

Name:- Durga Foods
Address:- 333/67, G T Road, Murgasol, Near Shankar Pump Murgasol, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- +91-0341-2275127, 3290735, 9434664405
Speciality:- Pre Veg, Chinese, South Indian.

Name:- Economic Restaurant
Address:- 65-4, BB Road, Near Punjab National Bank, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2284648, 2304215

Name:- Hot Lips Restaurant
Address:- Police Line, Burnpur Road, Asansol Court, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9732200934

Name:- Tiffin Service, Veg Food, Non Veg, Indian
Hotel Durga
Address:- 27, West Apcar Garden, Asansol Court, Near Burnpur More, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- 0341-2254830

Name:- Hotel Gulzar Residency
Address:- Murgasol, G.T. Road, Murgasol, Asansol – 713303
Contact No:- 0341-2303819

Name:- Lazeez Express
Address:- G.T. Road, Murgasol, Asansol- 713303
Contact No:-
Speciality:- Mughlai

Name:- New Sudhamrit Restaurants
Address:- 30, Bastin Bazar, G T Road, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2302757, 2284304, 9434013341
Speciality:- Multi cuisines, Chinese, Indian

Name:- Park Café
Address:- Ground Floor, Lower Chelidangha, Opposite Satabdi Park, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91-9851311611
South Indian, Home Delivery, Fast food

Name:- Pavilon Resturant
Address:- Chelidanga, S B Gorai Road, Asansol Court, Asansol- 713304
Contact No:- 0341-2281810
Speciality:- Home Delivery

Name:- Renu Hotel Restaurant Cum Bar
Address:- 152/142, G T Road, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:- 0341-2253039, 9434182712
Speciality:- Indian, Chinese, Bar

Name:- Trishna Restaurant & Caterer
Address:- S B Gorai Road, Asansol Court, In Sreepally, Near Nevadita Ladies Hostel, Asansol – 713304
Contact No:- +91 9434389869, 9475028857
Speciality:- Chinese, Indian, Biryani

Name:- Zebra Crossing
Address:- S B Gorain Road, Asansol Bazar, Asansol – 713301
Contact No:-

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